North Korea Accidentally Reveals All Its Websites


In an apparent error, North Korea incidentally non-stop entrance to each website hosted on a servers, divulgence that it usually has 28 purebred domains.

North Korea’s “.kp” nameserver was apparently misconfigured, according to researcher, Matthew Bryant, who said he could entrance a domain names and information about a websites. He dumped his commentary on Github, a site that hosts code. A Reddit page was also created, that includes a list and outline of a websites.

According to Verisign, approximately 149.9 million websites have nation codes, such as “.us” for a United States, “.mx” for Mexico, or “.in” for India. 

As of Thursday, many of a websites had apparently left down.

A screenshot shows (Screenshot)

“Now we have a finish list of domain names for a nation and it’s surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly) really small,” Bryant told Motherboard.

North Korea’s state-run Internet is blocked off from a rest of a world.

“We didn’t consider there was most in a approach of internet resources in North Korea, and according to these leaked section files, we were right,” Doug Madory, a researcher during Dyn, a organisation that monitors internet use, combined to Motherboard.

Many of a websites aren’t most to demeanour during and are utterly banal, with with North Korean comrade promotion sprinkled in for good measure.

Here are a websites in full, according to a Reddit list: – Air Koryo. A moody sheet website. – Korean Dishes. Culinary website with recipes. – Friend. Appears to be something identical to Yahoo and MSN. – National Unity. A arrange of eremite organisation or contentment group. – Korean Association of Social Scientists. Not sure, though we consider it’s an preparation website for both propagandize and adult preparation courses maybe. – Korean Central News Agency. Yet another news website. – Korean International Youth and Children’s Travel Company. we theory a transport association of both girl and children. – Korean People Total Insurance Company. Insurance company. – Korea Education Fund. Appears to be a gift to boost a peculiarity of education. – Korea Elderly Care Fund. A gift for a elderly. – KorFilms – Pyongang International Film Festival. The film website. – Maritime Administration of Korea. Laws of a H2O can be found here. – now can’t access – Naenara. – This is indeed a “official” supervision site in a clarity of a outline of a country. It has copiousness of news articles though it contains a decent volume of (tourist oriented?) information about a country – Korea Tourism. The Korean Tourism board, looks like we can get tours from here. – now can’t access – now can’t access – now can’t access – Rodong. Official news website. Click here to perspective a Rodong website in a user-friendly Western version, interjection again to /u/tinoh124 for this. – Kim Il Sung University. – The university’s website. – Sports Chosun. – The sports website. – now can’t access – now can’t access – now can’t access – now can’t access – now can’t access – now can’t access – Voice Of Korea. A news website.

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