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Iraqi Forces Launch Offensive to Drive ISIS From Western Mosul

HAMAM AL-ALIL, Iraq—U.S.-backed Iraqi army launched a vital air-and-ground descent Sunday to retake western Mosul from Islamic State militants and expostulate a nonconformist organisation from a final vital civic citadel in Iraq. Ground units pushed into a belt of villages outward a country’s second-largest city, and plumes of fume rose into a sky early in […]

IMF Says Low Oil Prices Still Hurting Mideast

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—Oil-producing Mideast countries are coping with low tellurian oil prices yet some-more supervision reforms are needed, a International Monetary Fund’s arch for a Mideast pronounced as a classification released a new news Wednesday display diseased mercantile expansion in a region. Masood Ahmed also told The Associated Press that Iran’s economy kick expectations […]

ISIS Attacks Iraq City of Kirkuk, Power Plant Amid Mosul Fight

KIRKUK, Iraq—ISIS militants armed with conflict rifles and explosives pounded targets in and around a northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk early Friday in an conflict that seemed directed during ludicrous Iraqi confidence army from a large descent opposite a ISIS-held city of Mosul. At slightest 11 workers, including dual Iranians, were killed when ISIS militants […]

Mosul Offensive Highlights Uncertain Future of War-Torn City

A vital operation directed at retaking a city of Mosul—the ISIS militant group’s final vital civic building in Iraq—is lifting a doubt of what will occur subsequent to a city that has been assigned by a apprehension organisation given Jun 2014. Many people in a Sunni dominated city were left with no choice though to acquire ISIS […]

Iraqi General Calls on ISIS Militants in Mosul to Surrender

KHAZER, Iraq—A comparison Iraqi ubiquitous on Wednesday called on Iraqis fighting for a ISIS terrorist group in Mosul to obey as a wide-scale operation to retake a militant-held city entered a third day. Lt. Gen. Talib Shaghati told reporters during a infantry bottom on Tuesday that adult to 6,000 ISIS fighters are inside a city. He […]

In Aleppo, Jewel of Syrian Rebellion Faces Possible Collapse

BEIRUT—The Aleppo that Ibrahim al-Haj’s son Laith was innate into 10 months ago is now being destroyed. The opposition-held districts of a Syrian city have been surrounded and underneath encircle for months. Russian and Syrian warplanes are bombing a streets into rubble and supervision army are chipping divided during a slot of antithesis control. For […]

Iraq Pushes Into Town Near Mosul After ISIS Assault on Kirkuk

BARTELLA, Iraq—The Iraqi army pushed into a city nearby a Islamic State-held city of Mosul on Saturday, a day after dozens of IS militants stormed into a northern city of Kirkuk, environment off dual days of clashes and murdering during slightest 80 people, mostly confidence forces. U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter duration met with Iraq’s […]

Syrian Government Opens New Aleppo Corridor for Evacuations

BEIRUT—The Syrian supervision on Friday non-stop a new mezzanine for rebels and civilians who wish to leave a besieged eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, a pierce that’s partial of a Russia-announced postponement in a fighting and that a rebels in a city have already dismissed. Residents in eastern Aleppo have pronounced many won’t go given there […]

Iraqi Forces Launch New Advance Northeast of Mosul

KHAZER, Iraq—Iraqi and Kurdish army launched a new descent Sunday on a city nearby Mosul as partial of a large operation directed during retaking a country’s second largest city from a Islamic State group. The Kurdish forces, famous as peshmerga, pronounced they launched a emergence descent on dual fronts to a northeast of Mosul, nearby […]

Pentagon Chief in Irbil for Closer Assessment of Mosul Fight

IRBIL, Iraq—U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter visited Irbil on Sunday for a closer comment of a quarrel opposite a Islamic State organisation in northern Iraq and to hear from Kurdish leaders whose army launched a new descent in a operation to wring Mosul from a militants. Carter met with Kurdish personality Masoud Barzani, as good […]