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The Young Women on Hunger Strike in India for a Free Tibet

Three immature Tibetans vital in outcast in India have started an unfixed craving strike in an try to convince a UN to reason a Chinese regime obliged for tellurian rights violations inside Tibet. After 20 days, one of them, Tsewang Dolma, has mislaid scarcely 9 kg though she stays dynamic to quarrel for a rights […]

Your Next Cup of Tea Could Be Supporting Child Slavery

Tea, a libation that can move a moment’s assent in an differently stressful day—and for folks in a U.K., celebration a cuppa is a inhabitant pastime. But for many of a workers who collect tea leaves in Assam, a segment in a northeast of India, harvesting a plants has turn a nightmare. As seen in […]

As Seas Rise, Saltwater Plants Offer Hope Farms Will Survive

VEDARANYAM, India—On a sun-scorched solitude circuitously India’s southern tip, an doubtful garden filled with spiky shrubs and spindly greens is growing, clearly opposite all odds. The plants are vital on saltwater, coping with drought and presumably charity viable tillage alternatives for a destiny in that rising seas have flooded immeasurable coastal farmlands. Sea rise, one […]

Air India Plane Turned Around After Rat Spotted on Plane

NEW DELHI — An Air India craft drifting to London was forced to lapse to Mumbai after passengers speckled a rodent on board, a airline pronounced Thursday. Though a rodent was not found, a commander returned to Mumbai on Wednesday gripping newcomer reserve in mind, Air India pronounced in a statement. Passengers were after flown […]

Indian Killer Road Creates Village of Widows

For building India, dangerous and potholed roads have prolonged been a approach of life. But one categorical highway using by a encampment in a southern state of Telangana has gained a apocalyptic reputation, blamed for a deaths of scores perplexing to cranky it. A bypass highway of inhabitant highway 44 snakes by Peddakunta village, slicing […]

Indian Children Labour to Bring Sparkle to Make-Up

Her face caked in mud and hair tangled with sweat, 8-year-old Lalita Kumari hacks divided during pieces of stone containing an fugitive vegetable that adds a lurch of flicker to lipstick and spike polish. While holding a breather in a vale of a shimmery silt hill, Lalita says she has not famous any other approach […]

Suicide of Student Triggers Protests in Southern India

HYDERABAD, India—Shouting slogans and holding placards, hundreds of students on Tuesday angrily protested a genocide of an Indian tyro who, along with 4 others, was barred from regulating some comforts during his university in a southern tech-hub of Hyderabad. The protesters indicted Hyderabad University’s clamp chancellor and a sovereign apportion of foul perfectionist punishment for […]

Suspected Meteorite Kills Man in India

A meteorite competence have killed a male in India, officials say. While it has not been strictly confirmed, scientists think a male in Tamil Nadu was killed by a descending star. It would be a initial available genocide from a meteorite in scarcely 200 years, if true. According to Tamil Nadu arch apportion J. Jayalalithaa, a […]

India Nears Deal to Buy 36 Rafale Fighter Jets From France

NEW DELHI—India and France pronounced Monday that they are tighten to sealing a multibillion euro agreement for New Delhi to squeeze 36 Rafale warrior jets. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Francois Hollande done a proclamation during a corner news lecture in a Indian capital. Hollande is on a three-day revisit to India. […]

India Builds Naval Strength to Meet Future Challenges in Its ‘Backyard’

When a rivers cringe during Africa’s dry season, a hippopotamuses quarrel fiercely for their space in a wanting and packed water. Something identical is function in a Indian Ocean and South China Sea where nations are opposed for domain and resources. China is nonchalantly building adult troops bases to explain a supposed “historical claims” to […]