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Trump Speaks during CPAC: ‘All we Did Was Keep My Promises’

President Donald Trump was in accessible association when he spoke during a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Feb. 24.  True to form, he began with a poke during a media, observant they substantially wouldn’t news a station acclaim he perceived on arrival. He also spoke about his ascending conflict for a presidency, a “mess” […]

What Podesta’s Emails Showed Us About a State of Political Journalism

It was a singular window into a middle workings of an chosen domestic operation when Wikileaks expelled tens of thousands of emails belonging to John Podesta, a former authority of a 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. The emails also suggested a keen universe of domestic journalism, where reporters exchange for scoops and debate staff for […]

Man Charged in 2005 Murder of Teacher and Former Beauty Queen

Teacher and former beauty black Tara Grinstead passed from her south Georgia home in 2005, withdrawal a poser that had stumped investigators for scarcely 12 years—until a tip led to an astonishing arrest. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced Thursday that a former tyro during Irwin County High School, where Grinstead taught history, has been […]

‘Sibylle’s Top French Chefs’ With Chef Pierre Landet

In this series, columnist Sibylle Eschapasse interviews some of France’s tip chefs, a Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. Name: Pierre Landet Hometown: Toulouse Age: 54 Restaurant: Felix, in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood Years of Experience With French Cuisine: 36 Maître Cuisinier de France Since: 2010 Sibylle Eschapasse: What does it meant to we to be a Maître Cuisinier de France, a […]

CMS Artistic Director Wu Han on Chamber Music’s Popularity and Accessibility

NEW YORK—”I have to say, from where I’m sitting, we consider cover song is some-more renouned than ever,” pronounced pianist Wu Han, who is co-artistic executive of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (CMS), along with her husband, cellist David Finckel. The duo, who both perform and run educational programs, have been leaders in directing cover music series for […]

Chinese Influence Over Hollywood to Be Tested in WTO Negotiations

LOS ANGELES—China’s film marketplace is one of a many limiting in a world, yet negotiations this month during a World Trade Organization (WTO) could open it adult slightly. China formerly avoided confronting a WTO censure opposite a limiting film marketplace by lifting a share of unfamiliar films that can be screened from 20 to 34 […]

Dakota Access Protesters Given Last Chance to Leave Without Arrest

CANNON BALL, N.D.—A few dozen people still occupying a sprawling outpost on sovereign land to criticism construction of a Dakota Access oil tube will have another possibility to leave peacefully Thursday, North Dakota’s administrator said, after open officials pleaded with a self-named “water protectors” to leave so a site can be cleared. Most of a […]

Indiana Joins Idaho, Georgia in DHS Election Hack Claims

Vice President Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana assimilated Idaho and Georgia this week in accusing a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of hacking their electoral system. It’s a latest box where IT experts reliable a scanning attack on a state’s choosing systems that leads behind to a DHS IP address. “Scans” are attacks used […]

Police Ready for SWAT Situation during Pipeline Protest Camp

CANNON BALL, N.D.—A SWAT car is prepared for use if it becomes required to use force to mislay a remaining protesters from a now-closed Dakota Access tube criticism stay on sovereign land in North Dakota, authorities pronounced Thursday. American Indian elders have told military there are people peaceful to review to extreme measures to stay […]

James O’Keefe Offers $10,000 for Media ‘Malfeasance’ Evidence

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, will give $10,000 to anybody who provides “legally performed element exposing media malfeasance,” he announced on Feb. 23. “We have to call a media to account,” he pronounced by a live-stream feed. “They, in my estimation, are deeply corrupt.” The proclamation coincided with Project Veritas releasing 119 hours of audio […]